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Electrical systems

The electrical and software systems of all cars are inspected by the FIA at the start of the season and the teams must notify them in advance of any subsequent changes to the systems. All teams must use the same FIA-specification Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for controlling their engine and gearbox.

Electrical systems - Toyota on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd16, Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka , Japan, 12 October 2003.

All software must be registered with the FIA, who check all the programmable systems on the cars prior to each event to ensure that the correct software versions are being used. Electronic systems which can automatically detect the race start signal are forbidden.

Electronics department Force India Factory, Silverstone, England. 29 May 2008 World © Moy/Sutton

All cars must have an accident data recorder. This is linked to a medical warning light positioned ahead of the cockpit opening, which gives rescue crews an immediate indication of the severity of an accident.

In the cockpit, every car must have a track signal information display, which informs the driver of circuit conditions via red, blue and yellow lights.

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